Think Blue.

We enjoy working with our customers to drive sales, marketing and service effectiveness by leveraging the power of collaboration, social networks and customer relationship management (CRM).

Case Study: Empowering the Global Salesforce

Case study on the power of collaboration. How to successfully implement customer relationship management (CRM) in complex, multinational enterprise environments.

Research & Development

We strongly believe in free and open collaboration with academic and private knowledge partners to apply latest knowledge and experience in our products and services.

The FHNW is our research and development partner with deep know how in complex data modelling, visualisation and social network analysis.

Delivering against the credo "science to market", the CTI facilitates knowledge & technology transfer between business and universities. We are very proud to engage in and contribute to joint applied research and development projects with the CTI.

As the Swiss federal government's central point of contact for all questions on intellectual property, the IGE provides great support on patenting our inventions and protecting our trademarks and designs.